Transverse flutes are flutes that are played side ways; basically they are made from bamboo but I would like to introduce some that I have made from Poly Vinyl. This material is great for the outdoor player and can be used when going hiking, camping or other outdoors activities, without having any damage to the flute. The Bansuri style flute is used in Northern India. Each melody in Indian Classical music is called Raga and are based on improvisation by the player. Bansuri flutes are traditionally made with six holes, however there has been a way to add an extra hole to add more flexibility to the instrument. These changes were made within recent years.  The flutes shown here are the traditional Bansuri flute with six holes. Note that in Western style music, the flute player starts the musical scale from the bottom of the instrument or the key root. With the Bansuri flute, the player starts with the tonic note of the scale starting with the three  top holes closed and the other three bottom  holes remain open.