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Faster delivery will be thru Paypal. Paypal is the easiest and secure way to pay. Contact Paypal for an account. I accept U.S. Postal Money Order. The item will be sent or built  at soon payment is received.

Guarantee ---

All flutes are  guaranteed  for one full year from natural cracks from the date of purchase. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason please return it for a replacement or refund. The satisfaction of our customers is our first concern  and we stand behind them. In case of accidental damage beyond all the conditions mentioned above I will make every effort to help and repair it at a reasonable and affordable rate excluding  S&H.

Return Policy---

Return policy initiate from the buyer within 14 days upon receipt.Almost all orders ship out the day after purchase.

Return Info

Full refunds are only given for orders that received the incorrect product within the 14 day return period. The buyer is responsible for all return shipping costs. For all other returns, original cost of shipping will not be returned . If there are any questions please ask  me  before you buy.


Repairs, binding, seal and lacquer bore, cracks, scratches, marks and total finishing and stain. Custom made flute bases can be made from customer design with any materials the customer prefers. Some materials may need to be purchased and send to specially make designs.

Care of your Flute---

READ ALL THIS INFORMATION CAREFULLY  BEFORE USING YOUR FLUTE.  After I make the flute, I treat the bore with a special sealer and then after, several coats of clear lacquer that hardens the wood makes the instrument more resistant to humidity and moisture. However, this does not mean that they are 100% protected against temperature change, rain, and outdoor exposure. Rule number one is do not play the flute out in winter weather or after being expose to cool weather. Place indoors and wait about 30 minutes to play. If you do not follow this advice, chances are that when blowing into your flute the warm air from your breath  contacting the air chamber will make the flute CRACK. Do not let your flute,(specially bamboo flutes) expose directly to the sun shine or inside the car in hot weather. Do not lay the flute on the floor, you will end up with no flute if someone could step on it. That is why I recommend purchasing a flute base. To clean the outside of the flute, use soft fabric piece with a  few drops of lemon oil or natural walnut oil. Lastly, please understand the nature of wood for climatic and temperature conditions. These rules do not apply to PV flutes