There are many stories about how different Native American people invented the flute. In one tale, woodpeckers pecked holes in hollow branches while searching for termites; when the wind blew through   the holes, people
nearby heard the sound. That is why the block,( a part of  the flute), has a bird shape;  in honor of  the woodpecker. The block plays an important roll in the sound produced. Love Flutes, Courting Flutes, Indian Flutes, Native American Style Flutes, Plains Indian Courting Flutes all this names  bring us to the same instrument. The Native Americans never had written music, they did not need  it.  The music came from their hearts.
     All flutes are handmade individually. Some products are in stock, others may take 2-3 weeks to produce. The flutes are made from a variety of materials. Some flutes are made with Japanese Knotweed, which is an invasive plat that grows wild in upstate New York.  Knotweed is a fragile material, but is treated in order to make it stronger and give it a nice finish. The mouth pieces are made from white maple or red birch. Red leather and synthetic sinew are used to decorate the shafts. There will be more designs made from black bamboo, so please keep checking for updates. Most designs are made to resemble the traditional Native American style used years ago. The sound of the following  flutes are mellow and delicate. They can be made in any key and style. Please contact with any questions or concerns.Here are pictures for available flutes, in addition,and per request,the flutes can be tuned at A-440 or A-432 .